David Byrnes update

Car No. 99's team. From left to right, Trenton Marsh, Brynn Elliott, Sandra McClure, David Byrnes and unknown (I will update when I get here ID).

Here’s an update on my story on David Byrnes, which ran Monday’s Deseret News.

Despite racing with a broken left wrist (he’s left-handed), Byrnes took fourth place in the Labor Day mini cup race at Rocky Mountain Raceways. Kori Combs took first place in the race and looks to have the season title wrapped up with only Saturday’s race left.

Pit crew chief Trenton Marsh said they finished rebuilding the No. 99’s engine and added a guage that allowed Byrnes to adjust the carb more accurately while inside the car.

The thing about Trenton and David I took away most from meeting them was how warm and welcoming they were to this report who knows very little about racing. They answered even the silliest questions with a smile. And their interpreters, Brynn Elliott and Sandra McClure were very cool. They have very rewarding jobs, helping deaf and non-deaf people connect in person and even over the phone.

You can learn more about D&T Motorsports at their site.

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