New club, others trying to form a Utah rugby union club league

By Hugh Brown

The Utah Warriors Super League team disbanded less than a month ago.  Many of the players from that team have formed the Utah Rugby Brothers, with Tim Lewis as their coach.

As is the case with the Provo Steelers, there is no longer a Utah rugby union club league and by USA Rugby standards a team must play a minimum of six league matches to qualify for the national championship.

Provo is trying to get in by playing a number of games outside the state. The Utah Rugby Brothers have been trying to get into the Pacific Coast Rugby Union, but it appears too late in the season for them to do so. The hope is now to create a new league made up of Utah Rugby Brothers, Provo, Glendale, and the Park City Haggis, but this would need approval by USA Rugby.

As this will require a special waiver from USA Rugby, and although appeals are being submitted, the spring season is slipping away.

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