Cook and eat like a rugby player

With a super weekend of rugby just a day away, you can celebrate by cooking and eating like a rugby player in a recently published cookbook.

David Martin, a player for the Gentlemen of New York (the old boys team for the New York Rugby Club), wrote The Hooligan’s Table with the rugby player and fan in mind.

Eighty recipes, ranging from stews to burgers and even Wafu Style Pasta (a favorite dish from a rugby players’ hangout in Singapore, Harry’s).

“I wanted to put together a book that showcases the wide range of food enjoyed by rugby players around the world and across the table,” Martin said. “Rugby players come from diverse places and have diverse tastes.”

The chapter names are great: Line Out (appetizers and starters), In the Scrum (soups and stews), In the Centers (main dishes), Hands in the Ruck (sandwiches and burgers), Free Kicks (salads, sauces and sides), Sin Bin (desserts) and Try Line (cocktails and breakfast).

“OK, rugby players like their food, but David Martin busts the myth that quantity is preferred to quality, and finds rugby players palette far more discerning than many would give them credit for,” said Nigel Melville, president of USA Rugby.

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