Utes’ rugby team avoids suspension, will play this spring


It appears that last spring, at the end of the season, an incident occurred involving one of the Utah Rugby Club’s players resulted in the University of Utah’s administration considering a one-year suspension of the club’s play. The players appealed this decision and the word is that the team will be allowed to play the 2013 spring season, but they will be on probation with the university.

This has not be made official, but this report has been pieced together from interviews with various individuals who have had insight into the club.

It also appears that Haloti Moala, a former Ute rugger and coach of Highland, and Jon Law, a former coach of the Utah Warriors, will coach the Utes in the spring.

It also appears the Utah RFC Advisory Committee has disbanded. I hope that everything has been worked out between the club and the University and that the act of an individual will not jeopardize in any way the positive impact felt in the community by the efforts of the other 50-some members of the team.

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  1. runnerguy45

    Big news. Utah needs to be in the national picture for rugby and I hope they get their act together.