High School Ultimate: Lone Peak, Sky View dominate tournaments

The high school ultimate disc season got under way in Layton and Chicago last weekend with Lone Peak going 3-1 at the Chicago Invitational. The Knights skipped the knockout rounds because they were played on Sunday in the 32-team tournament.

Meanwhile, the Layton Break Force hosted the Layton Round Robin in Davis Country. The hosts — named after the Layton, Davis and Northridge mascots — finished the tournament 4-1 while Sky View A went undefeated, 4-0, beating the Break Force 13-3 in the process. Lone Peak’s B team also did well, falling only to Sky View, 13-7.

Here are the standings from the Layton Round Robin:
Sky View A        4-0
Layton               4-1
Lone Peak B     3-1
Bingham            2-3
Skyline              1-3
Lone Peak C     1-3
Sky View B        0-4

For more on high school ultimate disc, check out Bryce Merrill’s first rankings of the season.

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