Utah men’s rugby club expelled for alcohol ‘incident’

The University of Utah men’s rugby team was expelled from the school’s sports club program on March 28, according to statement posted by the team on Thursday.

The disciplinary action result in the cancellation of today’s Wasatch Cup.

Says the statement: “While Utah Rugby does not deny an incident involving alcohol which occurred in May 2012, the punishment, effectively spanning four years, is deemed to be excessively harsh and unfair to everyone currently involved in the program.”

The team goes on to call from an independent investigation of the incident and a review of the punishment. The team “is anxious to come to a just resolution of this matter in a manner that is consistent. … we feel that punishing an entire team or organization for the actions of one of its members creates an atmosphere of injustice and bias to the rest of the committed student-athletes, which we feel is contrary to the mission of the University.”


  1. Benjamin

    Assuming Utah Rugby’s statement to be accurate, and only one individual messed up a year ago, it seems a shame to punish the innocent along with the guilty. Hopefully a fair resolution can be reached for all involved.

  2. TomC

    Yes there was alcohol, but also violence too. One of the players beat the crap out of a trainer.