Intermountain Cricket League Week 1: Bashers, Hawks claim first victories

The second season of Intermountain Cricket League opened with a cracking start. Here are the recaps of the matches played on April 28:

(Thanks to Rajeev Soorma for the photograph)

(Thanks to the Bashers’ Rajeev Soorma for the photograph)

BASHERS 86/0, SABRECATS 85/7: At Layton, the Salt Lake County Cricket Union chose to bat first on a relatively bouncy and grassy pitch.

Jagdev was Sabrecats’ main stay for batting, scoring 18 while captain Nasir added nine. In the bowling department, early inroads were made by Kapil and Dayaker through some very measured and accurate bowling. Rohit, Swadesh and John also chipped in with some useful spells later on and rapped up Salt Lake for 85 in roughly 21 overs.

Layton chased down the total within 12 overs without losing a single wicket.

“Batman Maulish and Umesh showed amazing technique on playing on bouncy surface and a good temperament,” Rohit Pathak in an email. “This pitch is definitely tailor made for the bowlers and as the season will progress, it will only get better for batting.”

The batting for the Bashers was a mix of aggression and tight defense with Maulish and Umesh leading the way.

HAWKS 191/?, BEEHIVE 190/6: At Salt Lake City, the newest member of the Intermountain Cricket League put up a strong number but fell to the second-year Vincent Hawks.

Adil sattar knocked 79 on 29 balls. Muhammad Tahir and Fahad scored 34 and 29. The Beehive’s openers started slowly to give a good start, middle order did well and set a total of 190/6.

The members of the Beehive Cricket Club were clearly upset with some of the decisions made by the referee.

“We worked hard and played fair, but wrong decisions ruined our hard work,” Muhammad Shahid Rana of Beehive said in an email. “I suggest league organizers before the league start to have neutral umpires.”

Standings                    W          L
Layton Bashers              1          0
Vincent Hawks               1          0
Utah Lions                      0          0
Beehive                          0          1
SLC Sabrecats              0          1

Week 2, Sunday May 5
Lions vs. Sabrecats, at 11th Avenue Park, Salt Lake City
Hawks at Bashers, at Woodward Park, Layton

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  1. Kristie

    hahaha interesting game, seems like Beehive team is sore loosers, one piece of advice you need to be a graceful looser even if u don’t want to.