Old Boys play through the heat in Park City


The annual Old Boy Rugby Match was played in Park City as part of the Fourth of July festivities.

As usual, kick off occurred somewhat later than the 11 a.m. scheduled starting time. The game began with 20 players and no assigned sides, individuals simply grabbed a white or black jersey.

It was fairly hot, so the wiser players chose white, but that also left the white side clearly the older team. By the time the match ended there were twelve players on each side.

The white team led 26-19 at the half, but the black team won the match when they scored a try just before the referee whistled up the contest.

Some of the former Utes who played were Andy Thompson, Dave Tomowski, Felipo Mokofisi, Blake Burdette, Jimmy McDermott, Brad Anderson, and Moose White.

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