New cricket club KMA defeats Utah Beehives in 3-game series

Beehive-KMAThe Intermountain Cricket League season may be over, but the cricket continued as new club Khlabali Machaenge Aryans, or KMA for short, defeated the Utah Beehives in a three-game series 2-1.

KMA won the first match by catching the Beehives’ impressive 196 score in 19.5 overs in the 20-over match. Kiran led KMA with a 119 in 59 balls while Umesh (from Layton Bashers, playing for the Beehives in the series) led Utah with 86 not out.

Umesh also led the Beehives in the second game as both he and Aadil had half centuries. Utah won 226-136.

In the final (a 17-over match), the partnership of Gaurav and Nitin scored 40 of KMA’s 119 runs. Defensively, Max took four wickets to help hold the Beehives to 89 runs.

Kiran after his century in Game 1.

Kiran after his century in Game 1.

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