Griffin, Batten win high school mountain biking race at Midway


MIDWAY — They were the monsters of Midway.

Justin Griffin, of Olympus High, and Hayley Batten, of Park City High, each won the boys’ and girls’ Utah High School Cycling League race at Soldier Hollow on Saturday. It was Griffin’s third straight victory, while Batten has won all four UHSCL races.


“I was feeling really steady and going as hard as I could on the climbs and made sure I had enough energy for the three laps I had to do,” Batten said in press release. “Shifting was really important because there were a lot of climbs, and it was really bumpy with lots of quick up hills and downhills, so keeping a steady cadence was my main goal.”

UHSCL director Lori Harward said the course, which was designed for Olympic cross-country skiiers, the most physically demanding of the series.

“It was great form a spectator standpoint with kids streaming across the course back and fourth, but they never got a break,” Harward said. “Everyone who rode on Saturday had to push themselves and can leave with a real sense of accomplishment.”

The final race will take place, fittingly, in Moab on Nov. 9.


  • Division One
  1. Park City                16,526
  2. Corner Canyon      15,685
  3. Morgan                   15,072
  • Division Two
  1. South Davis                                 7,971
  2. Olympus/Cottonwood/Hillcrest   7,387
  3. Riverton                                       7,334

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